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August 2017, Vol. 19, No. 6

Security innovations need to catch up with technology trends

When I wrote about fiber optic communications in the late 1990s, that industry was focused on the growing need for higher bandwidth and the build out of fiber to the home, metro networks and transoceanic cables. Roughly 20 years later, much of what we talked about then is happening -- global networks and internet communications have taken hold, and consumers worldwide have flocked to bandwidth-intensive applications. Many companies spend considerable sums on research and development to keep technologies up-to-date and monetize trends. Looking forward is a key function of leadership for CIOs -- and increasingly, CISOs -- on the lookout for information technology threats and vulnerabilities as well as security innovations. When we asked CISOs and venture capitalists about technology that could transform enterprise security models -- and how to prepare -- security innovations in a few major areas stood out. Not surprising, artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation were at the top of many experts' lists, according to ...

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