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July / August 2014 Vol. 16 / No. 6

The NoSQL challenge: What's in store for big data and security

Security teams at many organizations are past the point where they can call big data projects a fad. They recognize that they are staring straight into the face of the next generation of data storage platforms. It's not just Google, Facebook and the NSA that find big data critical to their business models; thousands of companies, including startups, have already jumped in with both feet to take advantage of big data architectures. Many security professionals who encounter big data environments for the first time don't understand why security is a big issue. They assume they are going to rely on the same tools and techniques that they use to protect their relational databases. You can't. Most security features built into RDBMSes are not present in big data platforms. Many of the third-party security tools you own don't work with big data either. These non-relational data management platforms are different enough -- architecturally -- that you need to rethink how you approach database security. What makes big data technology ...

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