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September 2006

Brick By Brick

No budget for an application firewall? Use open-source components to build your own. More information from Learn the ten steps to a successful business impact analysis. HTTP is rapidly becoming the default transport for any and all business logic. With the advent of Web services and service-oriented architecture, XML has become the glue that holds disparate applications and data types together. Web portals, content management systems, and even corporate blogs and wikis are becoming preferred communication channels. But defending Web applications is an uphill battle. Traditional network security defenses have concentrated on the first four OSI layers, but, by definition, most Web app exploits are valid HTTP traffic, passed through proxies and firewalls. Open-Source vs. Commercial Web Application Firewalls Click here for a comparison of Open-Source vs. Commercial Web Application Firewalls (PDF). What to do? You can certainly buy a commercial Web app firewall product, but perhaps you can't (or won't) add another ...

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