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September 2006

Directory Integration

DIRECTORY INTEGRATION DirectControl Suite REVIEWED BY PETER GIANNACOPOULOS Centrify Price: Starts at $50 per workstation and $300 per server @exb @exe Microsoft Active Directory (AD) has always been able to provide cross-platform authentication services to Unix and Linux hosts via its Kerberos/LDAP implementation, but does not extend its rich Group Policy Objects (GPO) management capabilities to non-Microsoft platforms. Now, Centrify's DirectControl suite puts Unix/Linux platforms under the GPO umbrella and allows *nix hosts to authenticate against AD, so enterprises of all sizes can leverage it to provide a true single sign-on (SSO) environment. Policy Control B+ The management console allows you to create one or more zones, which experienced Unix managers will find conceptually similar to NIS domains. You can, in fact, import and manage existing NIS maps, as well as local /etc/passwd and /etc/group files. You then assign specific users and groups to the appropriate zones and set their basic profile information (default shell, ...

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