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February 2007

Cyber-Ark Enterprise Password Vault 4.0 product review

PASSWORD SECURITY Enterprise Password Vault 4.0 REVIEWED BY TOM BOWERS Cyber-Ark Software Price: EPV server, $25,000; user pricing starting at $220 per user @exb @exe Privileged users hold the keys to your kingdom: passwords that control administrative access to devices and applications across your enterprise. Cyber-Ark's Enterprise Password Vault (EPV) is among a handful of specialized products designed to securely manage these sensitive passwords, controlling privileged accounts across a wide range of client/server and mainframe OSes, switches, databases, etc. It provides the privileged account controls mandated by regulations, and its central repository makes it an ideal addition to identity/access management projects. Installation/Configuration C+ Overall, this was a tedious installation/configuration process. EPV is in serious need of an installation wizard and graphics-filled documentation to help users understand the purpose of each of its components and where it sits in the architecture. The documentation, while ...

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  • Going Global

    Organizations sending data abroad must be prepared to comply with a slew of privacy and security regulations.

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