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February 2007

Ping: Josh Seeger

Few things inspire fear and loathing like regulatory compliance. Josh Seeger, CIO of Tribune Broadcasting, faced a hugely complex task in ensuring the company met the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. His experience showed that, while compliance can be burdensome, it can also serve as a window into your network's security posture. JOSH SEEGER PCI compliance can be difficult even for small organizations. How did you go about the process in such a large company? We have a massively distributed organization with dozens of business units. Because the company is so distributed and there are many areas where the use of credit cards is a part of our normal business, we needed to get the most efficient method for complying with PCI. We have a small but highly skilled group of corporate IT specialists, so we needed to find a way to use as little of their time as possible. A lot of the credit card activity is contained within small separated segments of our network infrastructure. Since many other units are...

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  • Going Global

    Organizations sending data abroad must be prepared to comply with a slew of privacy and security regulations.

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