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October 2007

Knoppix-NSM removes complexity of Snort-based network security monitoring

As an information security manager, you've very likely come to appreciate the benefits of Snort, the immensely popular open source network intrusion detection system. But you may have balked at implementing Snort-based network security monitoring because integrating and using Snort and complementary tools may be technically daunting, or require too much of your staff's time and energy to make it worth the effort. Snort alone doesn't give you a complete network security monitoring tool, and integrating and using all the pieces you need may be frustrating. The popular BASE console, for example, is often used with Snort, but like all Web-based consoles, it lacks speed, doesn't provide real-time alerting and has limited analysis functionality. But now this critically important security capability can be well within your means, thanks to The Tao of Network Security Monitoring. Unlike Web-based consoles like BASE, Sguil is fast and makes it easy to spot potentially dangerous events. BASE, the Basic Analysis and Security Engine, is the...

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Features in this issue

  • Achieving Access Control with Symark PowerBroker 5.0

    In this product review, discover everything you need to know about Symark PowerBroker 5.0, such as policy control, logging and reporting capabilities, configuration and management.

  • SonicWALL TZ 180W firewall product review

    SonicWALL TZ 180W is an effective firewall for small- and medium-size businesses with a subset of features that will appeal to network managers.

  • Guardium SQL Guard 6.0 product review

    Guardium SQL Guard 6.0 is evaluated on its ability to monitor access to SQL databases. SQL Guard ensures a system of checks and balances between the security and database engineering teams.

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