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April 2003

Checklist for secure wireless LAN deployment

Policy Define business requirements (assets and wireless access needs). Identify threats and quantify risks. Document your WLAN security policy. Disseminate policy to everyone. Integration planning Conduct site survey, creating inventories and maps. Lay out access points (APs) and antennas to minimize signal leakage. Determine AP placement relative to existing firewalls. Pick approach to protect adjacent wired network. Define network topology and impact on routers, VLANs. Identify reuse of access control lists (ACLs), DHCP, user databases, desktop security software. Identify software and procedures to harden APs and stations. Identify interfaces for integrated WLAN management and monitoring. Determine need for WLAN-specific policy management tools. Policy implementation Pick access control method(s): MAC ACLs, 802.1X, SSL portal. Define access policies for authorized APs, stations, users, groups and guests. Issue and distribute authentication credentials to every station. Select encryption layer(s): 802.11, network, transport, ...

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