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November 2013 Vol. 15 / No. 9

Eliminating black hat bargains

When it comes to information security defense, Mike Hamilton has a tough job. As the chief information security officer for the city of Seattle, Hamilton's responsibilities extend to the networks of a variety of other groups, such as the city's police and fire departments. The complexity of securing those networks requires that Hamilton focus not just on defense, but also on causing pain to any attacker. In 2007, Hamilton started working with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the University of Washington on creating a system to gather global threat data to find compromises on the networks of the city's hospitals, emergency services and other critical infrastructure as quickly as possible. By denying attackers time to fully exploit any beachheads into his organizations' networks, Hamilton aims to make each attack more likely to fail and the overall campaign more costly. And, because of the city's connections with state and federal law enforcement, shutting down the attackers' infrastructure was also a possibility. (...

Features in this issue

  • Virtualization security dynamics get old

    by  Chris Hoff

    Companies have embraced virtualization and cloud computing, but security is still bolted-on. Here's what needs to change.

  • Beyond the Page: Virtual security

    by  Christofer Hoff

    In the November 2013 Beyond the Page on virtual security, Chris Hoff examines the challenges infosec pros face in finding the right security strategy for their enterprise network.

  • Eliminating black hat bargains

    by  Robert Lemos

    Enterprises cannot always keep attackers out of their networks. Instead, defense-in-depth strategies aim to raise the cost to black hats -- in terms of time and money.

Columns in this issue