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Insider Edition, October 2017

The chief information security officer role grows in stature

A single, definitive explanation of the chief information security officer role does not exist, at least not yet. For many years, CISO responsibilities were part of the job portfolio of some senior exec or, more likely, a senior member of the IT department. But that's changing, and fast. Why? Cyber intrusions with massive theft of information and intellectual property, and the rise of new exploitation methods -- including ransomware, advanced persistent threats and insider threats -- to name just a few. These and other developments -- not the least of which is the internet of things and its impact on corporate information security -- are raising awareness of the central importance of information security. This puts the CISO role in the spotlight in a way not seen before. It's been awhile since companies began to move their CISOs out of the IT department and into the C-suite, putting them on par with CIOs, but not all corporations have followed suit. Now, though, the need for an executive-level security person is getting ...

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