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Insider Edition, October 2017

What does a CISO do now? It's a changing, increasingly vital role

What does a CISO do in this day and age? The responsibilities of a chief information security officer, the senior executive responsible for an organization's information security program, are growing dramatically. Once relegated to the IT department -- if there was a designated corporate role at all -- the CISO is now often a member of the C-suite team, working alongside the CIO and others, formulating information security strategy and policy with an eye on both security and the business bottom line.

As the volume and sophistication of cyberattacks expand and corporate liability grows -- threatening profits and displeasing shareholders -- CISOs are now tasked with making tough decisions on how tools, systems and training are best used to manage risk. This quarterly supplement to Information Security magazine looks at the state of the CISO role -- how it's changed, where it's heading and what it takes to become an effective CISO in terms of cybersecurity skills, staff support and education.

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