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December 2006

Editor's Desk: More threats and more dollars

Security professionals have a better handle on malware, but for another year it is the top priority. Recent survey results revealed some unsettling, but unsurprising, news: Spam traffic rose 60 percent in recent months, Microsoft is thwarting more zero-day threats, and the cost of a data breach increased 31 percent in 2006 to an average of $182 per compromised record. Meanwhile, we have our own bad news: Our research shows that insider threats are a top concern for 2007. Every year we survey our readers to get a sense of your key priorities for the coming year. Now that most of you have perimeter defenses in place, this year's survey reveals that many of you are worried about the trusted insider and the information that could be leaked to thieves or competitors. The recent indictment of a former UBS Paine Webber employee who brought down the company's trading network before the stock market opened for the day is a tale of what can happen when a disgruntled employee wants to damage an organization. This story went public, but ...

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