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December 2006

Layer 8: Security managers come into their own

Infosecurity managers have evolved beyond firewall-watchers and will reap benefits from their growth in 2007. The security technology space has been pretty dull for the last couple of years. Does this mean that the security problem has been solved? Certainly we've seen a lot less drama on the worm front, and who worries about having their Web site hacked these days? Could it be that Windows XP with SP2 is finally so secure that we can all go home? I think not. It's still early to declare victory in the worm wars, and, more disturbingly, there is no reason to think that the insidious threat of targeted malware is anywhere near reaching its full potential. Maybe next year someone will introduce a technology that reliably keeps out spyware, including browser plug-ins. Unless we see such a technical miracle, next year is going to be yet another year of useful, albeit boring, refinement of technology we already have. A far more interesting story for 2007 is the growing professionalization of the security manager. We've made huge ...

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