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December 2006

Reconnex's iGuard v5 security tool review

INFORMATION LEAKAGE iGuard v5 REVIEWED BY TOM BOWERS Reconnex Price: Starts at $50,000 @exb @exe The Internet has revolutionized business, enabling real-time commerce and the easy flow of information in and out of your organization. Therein lies the problem: It's all too easy to inadvertently or intentionally expose critical intellectual property and confidential information. Reconnex's iGuard addresses this threat at the perimeter, copying and analyzing all inbound and outbound traffic for policy violations. It can be an important tool for confidential data protection, regulatory compliance and investigation. Installation/Configuration B Tuning a complex product like iGuard to detect sensitive data while reducing false positives and negatives is a complex process. Although the quick start guide can get you up and running quickly with default policies and rule sets, be prepared to invest time tuning your rules. This is what makes it an effective technology: Without this tuning process, the confidential data leaving your ...

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