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October 2009

Bernie Rominski: Communicate Effectively with Management about Risk

I think I might be spending too much on information security. I'll bet that's something you don't hear every day. It's an ice-breaker that I've been thinking of using at an upcoming meeting with senior management regarding information security risk. Of course there's also a chance we're not spending enough; it's just the other side of the same coin, but I figure my executive leadership might be more intrigued with the former possibility. I know reducing operating expenses is a high-priority concern for them recently, so that might really get their attention. The fact is that our security budget is right where it should be. If it's not, it's my fault. Why? Because my most important and challenging responsibility is making sure management understands what they're getting, and what they're not getting for their information security budget dollars. If they are making informed risk decisions that drive our security strategy, the budget will be there. Likewise, if the security staff attempts to make those decisions in a vacuum, we'll ...

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