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September 2003

Does your vulnerability assessment process need more products?

Now that we've taken giant steps to stop viruses in their tracks, detect and prevent intrusions, and thwart DoS attacks, what's next? Before we speculate about the "next big thing" in infosecurity tools, how about stepping back to recall just why you're buying and installing all these solutions in the first place: To ensure that your company can use IT resources to conduct business and minimize the impact of people who attack systems. Every resource you devote to minimizing threats and every security widget you buy impacts the bottom line. Vulnerability and risk management are at the heart of maintaining strong security. Doing it right involves much more than scanning for weaknesses and, as best you can, applying remediation. You need to prioritize threats and corrective actions according to the real risk -- what's the vulnerable asset worth to your company, and what's the likelihood of a successful attack? That kind of analysis is cumbersome and costly. So, perhaps the most important advance in infosecurity isn't the next point...

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