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September 2003

Dorothy Denning: Leading authority on cybercrime, information warfare

Dorothy Denning -- Author, Professor Everyone in infosecurity eventually encounters Dorothy Denning, in person or in print. Dorothy Denning Denning is regarded as one of the world's authorities on encryption and cyberterrorism. A longtime computer science professor, now teaching at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif., Denning has authored more than 120 articles and four books, including 1982's influential Cryptography and Data Security and her most recent, Information Warfare and Security. Not bad for a gal from Grand Rapids, Mich., who expected to teach high school math or cook for a living. "I just never grew up thinking that being a professor was something I could or would attain," she says. Since specializing in a then-nascent computer security field, the former marathon runner has devoted a good chunk of her 34-year career to helping others better understand cybercrime and information warfare. "I don't know anybody in information security who is better in both writing and lecturing about extremely complex ...

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