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Beyond the Page: Advanced Persistent Threats, Ransomware and More

The era of mobile, cloud and the Internet of Things is also an era of advanced persistent threats, ransomware and more. Here's how to stay secure.

Having better security than your neighbors may not be enough anymore as malicious actors move beyond “spray and pray” tactics to advanced persistent threats aimed at specific organizations and industries. Targeted attacks, as the Sony incident illustrated, are often for financial gain through extortion and threats to expose or delete sensitive data. This Beyond the Page outlines the top threats in 2015, from the invasion of digital things and undetected data loss to advanced DDoS attacks and crypto ransomware. We cover countermeasures to help organizations defend against evolving attack techniques and detect intrusions faster to minimize the damage.


Defending against the digital invasion

The confluence of the Internet of Things and BYOD may turn into a beachhead that attackers can use to completely compromise your network.

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Internet of Things devices and crypto ransomware at work

The next wave of cyberthreats will combine two trends in new ways, says SANS' Johannes B. Ullrich, head of the Internet Storm Center. In this video, he explains the threats and countermeasures for the Internet of Things devices and enterprise crypto ransomware.

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Tech tip

Network-based controls: Securing the Internet of things

Securing the Internet of Things is challenging for enterprises. Here's a list of controls that you should already have implemented in your network.

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