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Beyond the Page: Breach detection systems

In the December 2013 Beyond the Page, John Pirc explains why breach detection systems are an essential security tool in a malware-infested world.

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In this December 2013 Information Security magazine Beyond the Page on breach detection systems, we consider the latest tier two security technologies, which are vital to network and database health in an era of dynamic and ever-evolving malware threats. See the content below.

Information Security feature: Enhanced threat detection: The next (front) tier in security
In this month's cover story, cybercrime expert John Pirc warns of a wide-spread, short-sighted approach to security, one that overlooks vital new technologies. In our dynamic, malware-infested world, enterprises cannot rely on old security standbys like firewalls and intrusion detection alone. Tier two security technologies are essential in the fight against network security breaches, he explains, because only they have both the potential to stop unknown malware and notify you when you have been successfully breached.

Video: Tier two security: How breach detection systems detect malware better
In this presentation, John Pirc explains how and why breach detection systems are an essential weapon against evolving and unpredictable malware threats, and offers advice on how to gauge which type of BDS vendor is best for you.

Technical Tip: Breach detection systems: Deployment models that detect malware better
Security best practices now demand the addition of tier two security technologies. Breach detection systems can be used with great success against network security breaches, Pirc explains in this tip, but first you must understand your particular attack surface, network architecture and more.

About the Contributor
John Pirc is the research vice president at NSS Labs. A security intelligence and cybercrime expert, Pirc is the co-author of two books, Blackhatonomics: An Inside Look at the Economics of Cybercrime and Cybercrime and Espionage. Prior to his role at NSS Labs, Pirc was the director of security intelligence at HP Enterprise Security Products, where he led the strategy for next-generation security products. Follow him @jopirc.


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Logical and definitely desirable. OTOH our entire industry needs to pay far more attention to breach prevention. "We'll catch that problem later" isn't the best approach to security.

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