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Beyond the Page: Cyberthreats

This February 2014 Information Security magazine supplement takes a deeper look into cyberthreats and examines advanced threat techniques including watering hole attacks and sophisticated spear phishing.

This article can also be found in the Premium Editorial Download: Information Security magazine: Cyberthreats: Know thy enemy

This February 2014 Information Security magazine (ISM) supplement goes Beyond the Pages of ISM to take a deeper look into cyberthreats and examines advanced threat techniques including watering hole attacks and sophisticated spear phishing.

Information Security feature: Cyberthreats: Know thy enemy in 2014
“Defending a network has never been harder,” says Johannes B. Ullrich, dean of research at the SANS Technology Institute and the Internet Storm Center. In this feature, Ullrich examines the advanced threat techniques to watch out for this year.

Beyond the Page is a multimedia supplement to Information Security magazine. This concise package of material -- feature article, webcast and practical technical tip from our experts and contributors -- provides security pros and decision makers the in-depth information they need for implementation, management or troubleshooting.

Video: New, sophisticated attacks evade detection
Enterprises must protect themselves from sophisticated attacks that can escape notice by host-based detection systems and steal millions. Ullrich shows you how.

Technical Tip: Improving security with DMARC email authentication
Johannes B. Ullrich demonstrates how domain-based messaging authentication, reporting and conformance, or DMARC, can enhance your email security.

About the Contributor
Johannes B. Ullrich, Ph.D., GIAC, GCIA and GWEB, is the dean of research at the SANS Technology Institute and head researcher at its Internet Storm Center. Follow him on twitter @johullrich

This was last published in February 2014

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