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Beyond the Page: Virtual security

In the November 2013 Beyond the Page on virtual security, Chris Hoff examines the challenges infosec pros face in finding the right security strategy for their enterprise network.

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In this November 2013 Information Security magazine Beyond the Page on virtual security, we examine a range of security issues you’ll encounter when implementing better security in the virtual environment and look at some new security models that are starting to give way to more agile, automated and integrated security offerings. See the content below.

Information Security feature: Virtualization security dynamics get old
Virtualization and cloud computing are part and parcel of enterprise networks today. Virtualization security, however, is still a bolt-on affair rather than a service layer that is well-integrated into infrastructures or tied to workloads directly. In this month’s cover story, author Chris Hoff looks at where we are today and the impact of cloud computing and software-defined networking on virtualization security strategies.

Video: Virtualized security: Choosing the right approach
In this presentation, Chris Hoff discusses the operational, technical and compliance challenges infosec pros face in their approach to virtualized security. He examines five options and the pros and cons of each.

Technical tip: Network virtualization: Which security model should you choose?
With a range of physical and virtual appliance security controls, here's how to find the right security model for enterprise data centers.

About the contributor: 
Chris Hoff is vice president of Strategy and Planning at Juniper Networks after serving as the company’s chief security architect. He has held similar roles at Cisco Systems, Unisys Corp. and Crossbeam Systems. Hoff is a founding member and technical advisor to the Cloud Security Alliance, founder of the CloudAudit projectand HacKid conference and writes the Rational Survivability blog. Follow him on Twitter @beaker.

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