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Beyond the Page: Next-generation firewalls

This month's special online multimedia supplement to Information Security magazine details the advanced new features of next-generation firewalls and how to make the most of them.

Beyond the Page is a monthly online Information Security magazine supplement, offering an in-depth, multimedia-centric look at a topic featured in a given month's issue. It's an opportunity to provide you with even more expertise from a selection of our best Information Security magazine contributors.

Beyond the PageIn addition to the contributor's magazine feature, Beyond the Page also offers an exclusive webcast presentation to help security practitioners and decision makers alike understand an issue from all angles, as well as an exclusive technical article that offers practical advice on implementation, management or troubleshooting.

Our September 2013 Information Security magazine Beyond the Page supplement covers next-generation firewalls. See the content below.

Information Security feature article: Firewalls play by new rules
Modern firewalls offer greater application awareness and user controls. Protect your migration strategy with these tips from the pros.

Video: Next-generation firewall products: Ready or not, here they come
In this webcast, David Strom explains how to succeed with next-gen firewall products and avoid problems caused by bad documentation and conflicting products.

Technical article: Using a next-gen firewall to manage application access policies
Learn how next-gen firewalls offer improved application awareness and granularity to manage or block particular application features.


About the contributor:
David Strom is a freelance writer and professional speaker based in St. Louis. He is former editor-in-chief of several technology publications. Read more from Strom at David Strom's Web Informant.

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