Burton Group Catalyst Conference San Francisco 2007

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Unified communications: Devising a strategy
Unified communications, to be successful, requires enterprises to have a clear roadmap and to determine which vendor best suits their IP strategy.

Rich mobile applications can boost productivity, user experience
Rich mobile applications have the potential to change how users interface with enterprises' applications.

Federated ID: Still not ready for prime time
At the Burton Group Catalyst Conference, analysts will outline obstacles that keep federation technology from going mainstream, despite its potential to solve big business security problems.

PCI Council hears complaints, suggestions for changes
Companies with the most stringent security technologies endure hurdles to comply with PCI DSS. Some firms are turning to the upcoming Burton Group Catalyst Conference for answers.

Log management push has its roots in compliance
Log management is expected to be a hot topic at the upcoming Burton Group Catalyst Conference. Experts say log data can help organizations comply with numerous guidelines.


Security Wire Weekly special edition: Network security; identity management
SearchSecurity reports from the Burton Group Catalyst Conference in San Francisco. Burton Group vice president Phil Schacter sums up the day's sessions on open and secure network architectures. Conference attendees talk about their security concerns including identity management and risk assessments.

Security Wire Weekly special edition: PCI audit
SearchSecurity.com reports from the Burton Group Catalyst Conference in San Francisco. Diana Kelley, vice president and service director at the Burton Group, explains the scope of a PCI audit and how some auditors are pitching products and services. Dan Jones, director of IT at the University of Colorado, explains his school's ongoing PCI compliance initiatives.


SOA bogged down by spend-happy worst practices
Burton Group's Catalyst Conference served as a call to arms for the notion that SOA requires governance and management more than an ESB.

SOA, Web services security gaining priority at large enterprises
Enterprises are selecting XML gateways, VPNs and firewalls to control Web service interactions and lock down their service-oriented architectures.

VPN security: Hiding in plain sight, using network encryption
Sensitive data in transit is subject to hacking attacks unless you protect it using some type of encryption. In this tip from Burton Group analyst Jeff Young, learn how network encryption using SSL, IPsec or other types of VPNs can keep your company secure.

Data leakage problem tough to solve
Companies are searching for ways to prevent sensitive information from slipping out of their networks, but various technologies to address the problem have their drawbacks.

Fixed-mobile convergence bridges more than wired and wireless
Fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) is much more than bridging wired and wireless to ease mobility.

Vendors admit more cooperation needed on security
At the Burton Group Catalyst Conference, security leaders from large software vendors pledged to cooperate on embedding more security into their products.

Networking trends in 2007
According to Dave Passmore's keynote at Catalyst 2007, networking trends this year comprise wireless, mobility, security and more, all coming together to prove that the network is becoming more disruptive than it seems.

VoIP centralizes global company
For one company, building a VoIP deployment from scratch meant years of planning, design and implementation before it achieved its goal of a centralized, global network.

Audit your organization year-round for best results, experts say
Compliance officers can save themselves a lot of grief by following a schedule that mirrors the National Football League, a CISO at the Burton Group Catalyst Conference said.

Are PCI auditors pitching products?
Auditors shouldn't be pitching remediation services or products to bring a company into compliance with PCI DSS rules, but some merchants are reporting the practice.

Data center disaster recovery: Beyond hurricanes
Burton Group data center disaster recovery expert Richard Jones talks about the three main reasons to build a DR plan, and natural disasters are third on the list.

Have iSCSI SAN, will virtualize
For those who don't already have a Fibre Channel SAN, iSCSI is emerging as a great way to introduce the benefits of networked storage to your virtual environment.

Xen virtualization will catch up to VMware in 2008
Burton Group analyst Chris Wolf discusses VMware versus Xen and what IT managers should know about new virtualization products and security threats.

Network security: Overlay versus perimeter security model debated at Catalyst
Traditional network perimeter security -- firewalls, and even network access control (NAC) -- may soon be pushed out in favor of leveraging VPNs for network security, according to Dave Passmore. In a phone interview with TechTarget, the Research Director at Burton Group pointed out that there is a growing disagreement about where security controls should reside and how those controls should be implemented. Passmore and Eric Maiwald, Senior Analyst at Burton Group, will debate the pros and cons of placing security controls in the core of the enterprise network.

Network auditing and incident management: Pre-plan your next network meltdown
Network auditing and incident management can prevent unplanned nework meltdowns and outages, and help make your life easier. Five useful building blocks can help you to construct a successful incident management plan: Configuration database and audit, external experts, triage (quick incident isolation), instrumentation, dye tracing.

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