CISSP Essentials training: Domain 3, Cryptography

This lesson in our free CISSP certification training guide covers the history of cryptography and how to apply technologies and concepts to protect enterprise data.

Cryptography enables the protection of security assets through the transformation of clear text to unreadable form. Cryptography -- essentially defined as the transformation of clear text into an unreadable form -- is the method used to store and transmit messages safely so that only the intended recipient can read them.

In this CISSP Essentials Security School lesson, Domain 3, Cryptography, featuring noted CISSP certification trainer Shon Harris, learn how cryptography, its components, methods and uses are employed in the enterprise to store and transmit messages safely.

Domain 3 spotlight article

Familiarize yourself with the cryptography domain with this Domain 3 spotlight article, which offers background and perspective on the history and importance of cryptography, components of a cryptographic system, symmetric vs. asymmetric key algorithms, digital authentication and cryptography protocols.

Domain 3 training video: Cryptography algorithms and encryption keys

In the first of  tutorials on cryptography, our Domain 3 training video on cryptography algorithms and encryption keys lays out exactly what cryptography is, including its goals, services and functionality within the information security industry along with essential cryptography-related terminology and the elements of a strong cryptosystem. The presentation also offers an in-depth explanation of asymmetric vs. symmetric cryptography and defines a number of cryptography algorithms. 

Domain 3 training video: PKI and digital certificates

In our follow-up Domain 3 training video on PCI and digital certificates, Shon Harris offers an up-close look at the two core tenants of the cryptography domain. Learn how PKI works and why it's so critical to information security, as well as the different components of a PKI, including registration authorities, certificate authorities and digital certificates.

Domain 3 quiz: Cryptography

Finally, after reading the spotlight article and two training videos, test your comprehension of the material with our Domain 3 quiz on cryptography. The 15-question interactive quiz uses a variety of multimedia components to mimic the interactive nature of the CISSP exam.

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This was last published in October 2014

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