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How to amp up enterprise security with a suite of tools

Vendors are increasingly offering security via a suite of tools. Here's how to use them to improve enterprise security while avoiding the drawbacks like functions overlap.

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As their products' capabilities get more sophisticated, vendors are increasingly offering their products as a suite of tools, rather than standalones. In this Beyond the Page, we look at the trend toward vendor suites of tools, and offer assessment and consolidation strategies to help you get the most out of a multi-tool security platform.

Buying your enterprise's main security products from a handful of providers can ease the acquisition and implementation process. Often, though, buying a compilation of cybersecurity tools in the form of a tool suite can make it difficult for information security pros to figure out exactly what each product offers. Listen to Dave Shackleford's presentation and read his technical tip and article feature to learn how these bundles of tools integrate with existing products and controls. A suite of tools can improve your security posture, but only if you fully understand its advantages and drawbacks


Avoiding overlap with an integrated security suite of tools

The latest suites of tools that security vendors now offer can make possible a more thorough and versatile security posture in the enterprise. But infosec pros must be able to squeeze the most function out of these multi-tool packages, while avoiding wasteful overlap.


Tips on how best to handle a security suite of tools

In this video, security pro Dave Shackleford offers tips on how to use that new suite of security tools, with guidance on how to extract the most functionality while avoiding the danger of tool overlap.

Tech Tip

Security suite advantages and drawbacks

What are the key advantages of buying a suite of tools, rather than several standalone products, for enterprise security? What are the main drawbacks? This tip advises infosec pros on how to work with the latest trend in vendor offerings, the "Swiss Army knife" approach to security tools and services.

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