Information Security Decisions Fall 2005

Learn how to develop security metrics, safeguard your e-mail system, centralize your security practices and more in these presentations from Information Security Decisions Fall 2005.

Learn how to develop security metrics, safeguard your e-mail system, centralize your security practices and more in these presentations from Information Security Decisions Fall 2005.

The future of security: Where are we going?
This presentation, by Bill Hancock, will help you to keep pace with the evolving landscape of threats, increasing challenges of compliance and ongoing imperative of calculating risk.

A guide to governance, security and safeguarding your business
In this presentation, Fred Cohen investigates the link between corporate governance and information protection.

Future watch -- Hot security technologies and emerging trends in 2006
This presentation helps you understand the evolution of the security vendor landscape with an eye toward promising security techniques and technologies for 2006.

Smart options for safeguarding stored data
Learn the three basic ways to encrypt sensitive data: encryption at the source, encryption with a backup application and hardware encryption, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Creating a corporate security culture
Learn how to successfully consolidate, integrate and centralize your security practices.

The five pillars of successful compliance
Find out how to put the key benefits of what Pamela Fusco achieved at Merck & Co. to work in your own organization as she covers five key areas associated with security's role in compliance.

Standards-based compliance: A how-to guide
In this presentation, security expert Dick Mackey discusses the pros and cons of using standards as the vehicles to improve regulatory compliance.

Define security's role in the regulatory process
Compliance expert Robert Childs offers practical ways security can directly affect the success of regulatory efforts.

How to make business managers responsible for security
In this presentation, security guru Tom Doughty provides ways to motivate security sensitivity in an organization's various lines of business.

Real-world security metrics
Security guru Tom Bowers advises how to develop real-world security metrics that work for the modern organization.

Shopping for antispyware solutions
In this presentation, "Hardening Windows" author Jonathan Hassell surveys the many options for enterprise-class spyware defense.

Layered access control: Six top defenses that work
Security guru Joel Snyder,introduces six strategies for building layered security in networks.

Separating fact from fiction: Security technologies for regulatory compliance
In this presentation from Information Security Decisions, Burton Group analyst Diana Kelley explores what companies need to think about when creating policies for compliance.

Intrusion prevention: What's next?
Scott Sidel assesses the current product landscape in the intrusion detection, prevention and active defense market.

Seven steps to safeguard enterprise e-mail
In this presentation, security guru Joel Synder provides tactics enterprises can use to maintain an effective and secure e-mail system.

Perfecting the security policy process
Phebe Waterfield, Security Analyst for the Yankee Group discusses tactics for perfecting the security policy process.

Wireless lockdown: Unplugged not insecure
Wireless security expert, Joel Snyder, discusses how to build secure wireless network for enterprises of all sizes.

Risk assessments for the real world: Tools even I can use
Security guru Tom Bowers provides an overview of risk assessment tools and helps you take your risk assessment program to the next level.

IPsec and SSL VPNs: Solving remote access problems
Learn how to solve remote access problems in this Information Security Decisions presentation by security expert Joel Snyder.

U.S. Postal Service delivers intrusion prevention
Security Seven award winner Charles McGann dissects intrusion prevention solutions used by the USPS and how to apply them in your enterprise.

This was last published in November 2005

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