Integrating security into the network quiz

Find out how much you've learned about integrating security into the network in Identity and Access Management Security School.

1. What role does NAC play in meeting regulatory demands for security policies?

  1. NAC helps document policies.
  2. NAC helps determine where your most valuable data is.
  3. NAC helps enforce policies.
  4. All of the above.

2. Where can NAC have the most impact on your compliance efforts?

  1. Authentication, access control and remediation
  2. Policies, authentication and access control
  3. Authentication, access control and audit
  4. Policies, remediation and audit

3. How does NAC help meet regulatory compliance requirements for access controls?

  1. Most solutions can integrate with existing LDAP directories, RADIUS servers and support multi-factor authentication.
  2. NAC can become a significant data source for external log management and reporting mechanisms.
  3. NAC can notify interested parties of a security incident.
  4. NAC solutions can ensure that only users and/or groups given explicit authorization can access resources.

4. Which of the following is not a drawback to implementing NA now?

  1. NAC can take years to deploy throughout the network
  2. The products are fully mature
  3. You'd be in the early end of the implementation curve
  4. The cost

5. Which of the following describes how NAC helps meet regulatory compliance requirements for remediation?

  1. NAC products can log every request to access network resources, as well as when policies are violated.
  2. Once an issue is detected, the same NAC enforcement mechanisms controlling access can be put in place to quarantine the "violators."
  3. NAC helps enforce policies and provide data to report on what's happened relative to those policies.
  4. NAC can require many different levels of authentication before providing access to the network.

If you got two or more wrong, revisit these materials in the Integrating security into the network lesson:

  • Webcast: A glimpse into the future of security-enabled networks
  • Technical article: Network access control: Compliance enabler or detractor?
  • Podcast: The evolving security organization
  • If you got four or more correct, return to Identity and Access Management Security School and start another lesson.

    This was last published in August 2006

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