Lesson 2 Quiz Answers

1.) The correct answer is: c. Wi-Fi Protected Access Version 2 (WPA2)
VLANs do not provide encryption; WEP and WPA use the RC4 cipher to encrypt data. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) used by WPA2 is much stronger -- and more efficient.

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2.) The correct answer is: e. All of the above
WPA uses all of these measures: TKIP and MIC to protect data, and either PSK (WPA-Personal) or 802.1X (WPA-Enterprise) to control WLAN access by authenticated stations or users.

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3.) The correct answer is: b. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
The WPA draft of the 802.11i standard applies only to Infrastructure Mode WLANs, where stations communicate through an AP. The final 802.11i standard (WPA2) includes support for Ad Hoc Mode too.

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4.) The correct answer is: d. Mobile VPN
PPTP, IPsec and SSL tunnels are disconnected whenever a station roams from one network to another and gets a new IP address. Mobile VPNs work in varied ways, but are generally designed to enable session persistence when roaming between WLANs, WWANs and other networks.

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5.) The correct answer is: d. All of the above
VLANs divide any LAN into logical workgroups, independent of physical location. The three scenarios listed above are the most common reasons for applying VLAN tags to wireless traffic.

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