Lesson 4 quiz: I'll be watching you

Find out how much you learned in Lesson 4 of Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning.

Wireless Security
Lunchtime Learning
   By Lisa Phifer

Find out how much you learned from Lesson 4.

1.) WIPS may gather information from:
a. A regular AP that monitors the WLAN in its spare time
b. A dedicated sensor that monitors the WLAN full-time
c. The wired network connecting sensors to the WIPS server
d. All of the above

2.) Unlike an ordinary AP, a WIPS sensor may perform which of the following functions:
a. Wireless device discovery
b. Wireless rogue detection
c. Rogue containment
d. Location tracking

3.) A "NetStumbler" WIPS alert is probably based on which type of analysis?
a. Signature matching
b. Protocol inspection
c. Policy enforcement
d. Anomaly detection

4.) Which of the following is not a WIPS rogue containment method?
a. Place a cardboard box over the rogue to conceal it
b. Flood the rogue with deauthenticates
c. Keeping a rogue so busy that it cannot do harm
d. Disable the Ethernet port connected to the rogue

5.) Which of the following WIPS location methods can provide the most accuracy?
a. Nearest sensor
b. Triangulation
c. RF fingerprinting
d. Site calibration

This was last published in March 2006

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