Locking down your Web applications

In this primer, learn how dynamically created Web server content can present a risk to the server itself, and how good processes can improve the Web server security life cycle.

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In this primer, guest instructor Michael Cobb, founder and managing director of application security consultancy Cobweb Applications Ltd., looks at how the actual content of a Web site can open holes in its defenses. He uncovers the security risks of dynamically created content and examines at how proper content management can greatly improve your overall security.

The primer also focuses on the security life cycle and how to respond to an attack, as well as the problems of site hijacking and phishing. As an added bonus, get checklists for improving the security of remote workers connecting to the office from home. There is a growing trend for hackers to attack networks via home and remote users but by following the recommended security practices, these checklists will help you block this potential hole in your defenses.

  1. Download the primer: Locking down your Web applications
  2. Download the accompanying audio track: Locking down your Web applications
This was last published in October 2007

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