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More from SearchSecurity -- April 2005

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Damage Control
by Mike Mimoso
ChoicePoint was supposed to be the repository for protected, secured information about insurance policyholders. But weak procedures enabled crooks to obtain authorized access to thousands of confidential records. Read our exclusive interview with ChoicePoint CISO Rich Baich, who defends his team's response and says the breach wasn't the security group's responsibility. >>  CLICK TO READ THE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Is the CISO responsible for the ChoicePoint incident? Share your thoughts and check out what your peers have to say

See why the same tricks used to steal 145,000 consumer records from ChoicePoint could pose a threat to your organization.

Ace the CISSP certification exam

In our Security School, expert Shon Harris reviews networking essentials for those preparing for the CISSP exam or simply developing their skills. Read her latest lesson.

Warning Lights
Dashboards are the windows to security activity and events. In this month's issue, Information Security took a look at what makes a good dashboard and how a dashboard can convert raw data feeds into intelligence that security manages can act on. But is today's dashboard technology really ready for prime time? Read why some experts say dashboard technology hasn't yet matured and products designed to show you the most data aren't always best.
Click to read the full story

Rights of Passage
Insecure mobile machines allow worms and viruses to bypass perimeter defenses. Information Security showed you how endpoint security products promise to prevent noncompliant devices from accessing the network and tested five leading offerings. To learn more about what you need in an endpoint security product, check out SearchSecurity.com's Buyer's Guide. Click to read the Buyer's Guide

Ready for Takeoff
In this month's issue, you read how financially struggling United Airlines recently absorbed its service-providing subsidiaries into the United corporate fold. As it integrated the different systems, it rearchitected the network to provide better security and performance. Now, read why Cisco's CEO told an audience at the recent RSA conference that he advocates a multi-layered, tightly-wound network automated to address evolving threats. Click to read the full story

Information Security Decisions, 2005
Make 2005 the year you move forward to a more mature, more strategic, more secure enterprise. Gain free admission to Information Security Decisions today and benefit from unbiased conference sessions with no vendor sales pitches from the podium. Essential networking opportunities with peers facing similar challenges at the same level is guaranteed. Apply today to qualify for free admission.

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