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Highlights from August 2006 issue of Information Security magazine.

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Identity and Access Management Security School

Go to Identity and Access Management Security School on Aug. 16 for three more lessons that explore critical topics related to helping you establish and maintain an effective identity and access management plan. Then see how you score on the final exam.

Black Hat Highlights

Couldn't make it to Black Hat? Our award-winning news team was there for you, reporting on the hottest news to come out of the show and all the talk that followed.

Security news and tips on-demand

Visit SearchSecurity's podcast library for the latest information security news and threat mitigation strategies in audio format. You'll also find featured podcasts from our Security Schools that you can download to your PC or MP3 player and listen to at your convenience. 

Vulnerability management services
This month's issue of Information Security magazine helped you decide if outsourcing vulnerability management services is right for your organization. Beginning Tuesday, Aug. 29, listen to an on-demand webcast as Burton Group senior analyst Diana Kelley provides smart shopper advice for enterprises looking for a vulnerability management service. Kelley will review best practices for ensuring accountability, how to effectively work with a VM service provider, essentials to include in every SLA and more.
>> Register for 10 steps to effective vulnerability management services

PING with Heidi Kujawa
In this Q&A with Information Security magazine, In an exclusive interview with Information Security magazine, Heidi Kujawa, director of enterprise architecture services for Sony Pictures Entertainment, explains how combatting piracy takes more than just keeping bootleggers out of the theaters.
>> Read the interview with Heidi Kujawa

Manager's Guide: Simplifying the complexity of identity management
In this month's issue, you learned how SSO products can help meet regulations, improve the user experience and reduce help desk calls. Now get a listing of available products to help you determine which SSO product would best suit your organization.
>> Download a PDF of single sign-on products

More from the Manager's Guide:

Tips for Windows authentication
As Windows is widely deployed in the enterprise, learn about some options for authenticating Windows with enterprise single sign-on solutions.
>> Read about authenticating Windows with enterprise single sign-on

Beyond HIPAA and GLBA
New regulations such as FFIEC and HSPD 12 are forcing organizations to scramble for authentication and identity management options.
>> Read about authentication requirements for FFIEC and HSPD 12 compliance

Risk-based authentication
Risk-based authentication is becoming a popular alternative for businesses that need to securely interact with their customers.
>> Read about the potential and pitfalls of risk-based authentication

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