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More from SearchSecurity -- June 2005

Welcome to SearchSecurity.com's supplement to the latest issue of Information Security magazine. Now that you've read the story in the magazine, continue to explore these topics on SearchSecurity.com.

Welcome to SearchSecurity.com's supplement to the latest issue of Information Security magazine. Now that you've read the story in the magazine, continue to explore these topics on SearchSecurity.com.

Nothing But 'Net
by Mike Mimoso
In this month's issue, you learned why -- despite their obvious flaws -- SSL VPNs are gaining a lot of traction. SearchSecurity.com has a wealth of resources to make your SSL VPN installation go smoothly. Find some alternatives to VPNs that might be a good match for your remote workers. >>  CLICK TO READ THIS ARTICLE
>> See why using a browser-based VPN to go "clientless" still requires client-side vulnerability analysis and mitigation. CLICK TO READ THIS TIP

>> Visit our resource center for expert advice and learning materials on SSL VPNs. CLICK FOR THE RESOURCE CENTER

Leveraging the power of SAML

In this webcast, Richard Mackey will demystifies SAML as a protocol and explains how it can be leveraged for "federated" relationships. Mackey also explains how SAML is a potential security vulnerability if not used correctly. CLICK TO VIEW THE WEBCAST

Ping: Robby Ann Hamlin
There is always a storm on the wireless security front. Robby Ann Hamlin's job, as unit chief in the FBI's department of IT security, is keeping those thunderheads at bay. The former federal police officer and security professional is responsible for securing the FBI's field offices and mobile agents against digital threats. She took some time to answer our questions about wireless security.

RPC Vulnerabilities
In the magazine, you learned how to control the risk presented by Remote Procedure Call (RPC), the underlying protocol that allows different operating systems and applications to talk to each other. Now, check out SearchSecurity's resources for hardening Windows.

Patch Tuesday
Information Security gave you a behind-the-scenes look at what actually happens on Patch Tuesday at different enterprises. You saw just how effective automated vulnerability scanners and patch management tools are, and found out what security managers experience as they race against the clock to get their systems patched before an exploit appears. Now, join SearchSecurity.com for an expert webcast that gives you a valuable framework for successful patch management. Arm yourself with proven tactics for everything from obtaining, testing and installing patches to analyzing systems and forming good working relationships with vendors.

>> Pitching Patch: Seeking Solutions, Not Just Technologies
Seven vendors were asked to propose a patch system for a fictional enterprise burdened with all the usual problems overworked IT staffs face to keep patches current in a distributed environment. Their responses reveal more than just their product spec sheets. CLICK TO READ THE ARTICLE

E-mail Security Seminar Series

Attend this FREE seminar in the city of your choice -- Washington DC, New York or San Francisco -- and gain proven infrastructure hardening techniques combined with practical strategies focused on the most urgent e-mail security threats (phishing, spyware, denial of service attacks and more). This intensive 1-day training event guarantees unbiased expertise without any vendor spin from the podium. You gain little-known e-mail security tips, tactics and techniques from two of the industry's leading e-mail security authorities, Information Security magazine's Technical Editor, Dr. Joel Snyder; and top analyst at Ferris Research, Lee Benjamin.
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