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More from SearchSecurity -- June 2006

Highlights from the June 2006 issue of Information Security Magazine.

Welcome to SearchSecurity.com's supplement to the latest issue of Information Security magazine. Now that you've read the story in the magazine, continue to explore these topics on SearchSecurity.com.


New podcast: Threat Monitor
Our twice-monthly Threat Monitor podcast features tactical advice from industry experts, including malware guru Ed Skoudis, on defending the enterprise against current threats. Listen at your convenience, from your PC or favorite mobile device.

Risk management guide
Shon Harris, president of Logical Security, takes you step-by-step through the risk management process with strategical advice on how to define an acceptable level of risk, conduct a risk analysis, respond to risk, and more.

Checking the pulse of the security community
In our weekly Security Blog Log feature, Senior News Writer Bill Brenner peruses weblogs and recaps the topics that get the security industry buzzing. 
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Taking the pain out of policy management
In this month's issue of Information Security magazine, you read how to effectively set and manage policy, and the value in deploying automated software for ensuring consistent policy enforcement across systems. Join us for a discussion with Harris Weisman, information systems security manager at Chemung Canal Trust Company, on how to evaluate policy management tools, including those that claim to assist with regulatory compliance. Weisman will provide insight on how out-of-the-box policy management products work and how to customize policies for your organization. This webcast is live on Thursday, June 22 at noon ET and available on demand thereafter.
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Manager's guide: Unified threat management
Is UTM a panacea for all that ills security teams, or is it just marketing hype? In this month's issue, consultant Joel Snyder helped you understand what UTM does, as well as the functionality that should be included in these products, critical performance issues and whether it's necessary to rip and replace existing firewalls. Now let Joel help you decide if UTM is right for your network in the 20-minute webcast, "Understanding unified threat management" from Lesson 3 of Intrusion Defense School.
>> View the webcast Understanding unified threat management

New endpoint security strategies: Understanding NAC, NAP and TNC
You read an in-depth comparison of Cisco's NAC, Microsoft's NAP, Trusted Computing Group's TNC, and other solutions that help secure endpoints and prevent mobile-based network threats. Now learn how unauthorized users gain network access, and how to block and secure untrusted endpoints in our new Network Access Control Learning Guide, created in partnership with our sister site, SearchWindowsSecurity.com.
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The face of the new attacker
In this month's issue, you learned how hacker attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated with targeted Trojans, rootkits and virtual machine-aware malware. Find out more about these and other new hacking tools and techniques, and get tactics for preventing them in our resource center.
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Avoiding a Web of trouble
In this month's issue, you learned about prevalent Web attack methods, such as cross-site scripting, path traversal attacks, SQL injection attacks and denial-of-service, and how attackers gather information about Web applications in order to exploit them. To learn more about these and other Web application attacks, and to get the latest tools and tactics to protect against them, check out our Learning Guide.
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PING with Robert Garigue
In an interview with Information Security magazine, Robert Garigue, Bell Canada's chief security executive, discusses his transition from CISO at the Bank of Montreal and how a career change in the security world isn't really much of a change.
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