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More from SearchSecurity -- October 2005

Highlights from the October 2005 issue of Information Security magazine.

Welcome to SearchSecurity.com's supplement to the latest issue of Information Security magazine. Now that you've read the story in the magazine, continue to explore these topics on SearchSecurity.com.

Security Seven
In this month's issue, you met the leading security practitioners in seven different markets and learned the secrets to their success. Now, hear how they expect the security industry to look five years from now. From emerging threats to new technology standards, these luminaries offer insight into where our business is headed.

Security School Course Catalog

Our Security Schools are designed to teach you the skills and tactics you need to do your job, and you can take these courses on your own time at your own pace. What's even better is each Security School is completely free of charge, and CISSPs and SSCPs can earn credits from (ISC)² for attending the accompanying webcasts. Check our Course Catalog.

SQL's Sequel
This month's article on the SQL Server 2005 filled you in on the new security features included in the upcoming release, including security management enhancements and login lockdowns. If you've got questions about securing SQL Server or any of your applications, ask SearchSecurity.com expert Michael Cobb, founder and managing director of Cobweb Applications Ltd.

Also, learn how to prevent SQL injections. Read this technical tip to find out how. >> READ THE TIP

The Rise of "Dataflation"
Columnist Stephen Cobb thinks we're suffering from a data privacy crisis, something he calls "dataflation." As identity theft victimizes more people, consumers lose confidence in doing business online. The economic impact, Cobb argues, could hurt the economy more than traditional inflation. In this extended version of his Information Security column, Cobb further explores this concept of "dataflation" and its impact on businesses' bottom lines.

PING: Jennifer Granick
In an interview with Information Security, Jennifer Granick, executive director of the Center for Internet and Society, sounded off on responsible disclosure and the recent furor over Michael Lynn publicizing a Cisco exploit. Read the complete interview online. >>CLICK FOR THE FULL PING

E-mail Security Decisions

Attend this FREE seminar in the city of your choice -- Boston, Toronto or Chicago -- and gain proven infrastructure hardening techniques combined with practical strategies focused on the most urgent e-mail security threats (phishing, spyware, denial of service attacks and more). With four key sessions, this intensive 1-day training event guarantees unbiased expertise without any vendor spin from the podium. You gain little-known e-mail security tips, tactics and techniques from two of the industry's leading e-mail security authorities, Dr. Joel Snyder and Lee Benjamin.
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