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 Compliance enabler or detractor?
 NAC has been portrayed as the killer application for the security-enabled network, but what role – if any – does it play in helping organizations meet regulatory requirements? This article from Identity and Access Management Security School, clarifies how and when NAC helps contribute to compliance efforts. 

Mixing an antispam cocktail 
  An antispam strategy -- whether that strategy is home grown or a vendor product -- should incorporate three techniques that complement each other to provide antispam defense where others fall short. This podcast reviews these three vital "ingredients" that should be part of any antispam cocktail. 

Guide to vendor-neutral certs 
Once again we've updated our comprehensive Guide to Infosec Certifications, an overview of the myriad vendor-neutral certifications available for security practitioners. The guide is organized by skill level and subject concentration to help you identify the certifications most beneficial for your career advancement.

Successful SIMs deployment
This month's issue of Information Security weighs the pros and cons of security information management systems (SIMs). Four case studies illustrate the different roadblocks security managers can encounter during and after a SIMs deployment, and explain how those hurdles were overcome. In each instance, visibility and control over reams of log data were gained, and regulatory compliance pains subsided. On Sept. 21 at noon, SANS instructor Lenny Zeltser will do a live webcast, presenting five steps toward a successful SIMs deployment.
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Guarding the Gate: VPN Deployment Strategies
Also this month, you read a comparative review of five SSL VPNs that examined the respective products' management and control capabilities, client and applications support, and authentication and access control. Now view this July webcast on VPN deployment strategies.
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Sharpen your business skills
More security managers are headed back to school, in pursuit of an MBA, or at a minimum, more business training. If you're considering sharpening your business chops, start with some expert advice on careers, training and certifications.
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Solve your encryption woes

Encryption scrambles your data and keeps it hidden from intruders, but it also blinds your network IDS and IPS protection. If you've run across this problem, talk to expert Joel Dubin about it.
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PING with Christopher Ray
In this exclusive interview with Information Security magazine, Christopher Ray, second vice president of information security for insurance provider AFLAC, explains why endpoint security is more than device integrity checks, for example, it's a combination of traditional security solutions, plus a dash of policy and procedures.
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