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More from SearchSecurity.com -- December 2006

Highlights from the December 2006 issue of Information Security magazine.

Welcome to SearchSecurity.com's supplement to the latest issue of Information Security magazine. Now that you've read the magazine, explore this month's topics further on SearchSecurity.com.


Compliance in 12 Simple Steps 
The Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standard has become a key compliance initiative for all organizations processing credit card data. Are your systems properly configured for PCI compliance, and you prepared for the changes in the newly released version of the standard? Attend this on-demand webcast, "PCI Compliance in 12 Simple Steps" featuring expert Roger Nebel.
Enterprise Data Protection 
Compliance, intrusion fears and ever-increasing storage demands have thrust data protection into the spotlight. This month SearchSecurity.com offers a special series of technical tips and podcasts on secure data storage featuring advice from experts Michael Cobb and James C. Foster.  

Web browser security 
With new Web browsers come new Web browser threats. We've updated our Web Browser Security Learning Guide with new articles covering the latest browser security issues, including the threats facing Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0.

Answers on network security 
Network security isn't easy. In fact, it can be downright maddening. Fortunately, SearchSecurity.com's resident security expert, Michael Chapple, is ready and waiting to answer your questions on anything from high-level strategy to low-level configuration. Ask him a question today! 

Reduce information leakage
Information Security magazine recently conducted its annual Priorities survey, which takes the pulse of what's important to security managers for the next 12 months. Are your priorities in line with those of your peers? If insiders and information leakage have you worried, you're not alone. The Insider Risk Management Guide points you in the right direction toward keeping malicious insiders at bay.
>> Review our Insider Risk Management Guide .

Review PCI Compliance requirements
Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a must if your company handles customer payment information. This webcast with consultant Barak Engel focuses on various levels of PCI compliance and explains the penalties for non-compliance.
>> Attend The Ultimate PCI Primer

Measure your company's disaster recovery profile
If your company hasn't talked about a continuity plan in the event of an avian flu pandemic, you're behind the curve of some of your contemporaries. This technical tip helps you get started by providing some criteria against which to grade your company's disaster recovery plan.
>> Read Disaster recovery report card: Measuring your company's disaster recovery profile

Measure your company's disaster recovery profile
Are you sure your security infrastructure is performing as advertised? A slew of new tools put your security investments through their paces. Get started with a look at this technical tip on penetration testing your VPN.
>> Read Pen testing your VPN

PING with Bernard Donnelly
In this exclusive interview with Information Security magazine, Bernard Donnelly, vice president of quality assurance for the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, discusses how and why his organization transitioned to a wireless trading system the measures taken to keep the wireless system running securely.
>> Read the interview with Bernard Donnelly

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