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Highlights from the October 2006 issue of Information Security magazine.

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Securing mobile devices 
Today it is common for executives to use their handheld device as a critical business tool containing sensitive documents. How do you lock down these mobile devices and protect traffic in the air? Our Messaging Security School addresses this problem and others. This webcast delivered by expert Lisa Phifer debuts Oct. 31, 2006. 

Zeroing in on the midmarket 
Is the current crop of enterprise-grade security technology a little too expensive for your needs? This month takes a closer look at intrusion defense and ID and access management products designed specifically for the midmarket. Read the feature articles and listen to our expert podcasts. 

How to use Nmap in the enterprise
As part of our ongoing Nmap series, data security expert Michael Cobb explains how to use the tool to verify that your firewall rules are performing as intended. Get all 10 tips on Oct. 17, 2006 as part of our Nmap Technical Guide.

How to get the most out of database monitoring tools
This month's issue of Information Security examines the myriad ways sensitive corporate and customer data escapes a database. CISOs and industry experts point out that it's not always an exotic digital break-in that's at the heart of a data leak. Often, it's an issue with data governance. Data is everywhere, and security managers must keep pace, or be left behind. On Oct. 12, Information Security contributing editor James C. Foster will host a live webcast, How to get the most out of database monitoring tools.
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Alphabet soup: Understanding standards for risk management and compliance
Also this month, you read about enterprise rights management and the importance of securing documents and maintaining the access privileges you define. This technical article helps you get started with a risk assessment of data and documents.
>> Read Alphabet soup: Understanding standards for risk management and compliance

Recognize leading security professionals
Think you have a star security practitioner in your enterprise? Information Security anually recognizes annually leading security professionals in seven veritical. You read about this year's winners in the current issue. Now, learn more about the 2005 winners.
>> Learn more about the 2005 Security Seven award winners

PING with Suzanne Hall
In this exclusive interview with Information Security magazine, Suzanne Hall, AARP director of IT operations and security, examines how security professionals can enable telecommuters and mobile workers while keeping their data secure.
>> Read the interview with Suzanne Hall

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