Pitching patch: PatchLink

PatchLink delivered a solid proposal with specific architecture recommendations. It was detailed about how PATCHLINK UPDATE works and demonstrated clearly that it was well suited to meet our requirements. A diagram of its solution was the only notable omission.

PATCHLINK UPDATE is an agent-based product that communicates with the server each time something changes (new software installed, new AV DAT file, etc.). Digital Patch Fingerprinting, its proprietary solution for patch verification, is quite thorough, checking file size, version, revision date, CRC, digital signature and registry. This addresses one of our company's main challenges: the time spent attempting to accurately remediate and validate systems in a distributed environment.

PatchLink's answer was impressive. It recommended a PatchLink Distribution Point in each of our 10 branch offices to offload the burden of pushing patches from a central repository. The agent technology assures updating remote devices when they connect to the network.

PatchLink was by far the most explicit in explaining its prerelease patch testing. Our RFP stated that analyzing patch information, determining applicability and testing were a major IT burden. While most of the vendors simply said they tested patches before distributing them, PatchLink specified that its engineers test patches on up to 250 different configurations of hardware, OS and application software, and will not release a defective patch.

PATCHLINK UPDATE supports Windows 9.x systems and strong options for custom patching.

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This was last published in May 2005

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