Quiz: Identify and analyze Web server attacks, answer No. 3

Quiz: Identify and analyze Web server attacks, answer No. 3

The correct answer is: b. Success: Off, Failure: On
Setting Object Access auditing determines whether to audit the event of a user accessing an object -- for example, a file, folder, registry key, printer and so forth. Before setting up auditing for files and folders, you must enable Object Access auditing by defining auditing policy settings for the Object Access event category. If you do not enable Object Access auditing, you will receive an error message when you set up auditing for files and folders, and no files or folders will be audited.

If you log every successful Object Access event, your log files will fill up with enormous amounts of data that will not tell you anything useful about an attack. The user accessing the object obviously had permission to access the object.

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This was last published in June 2005

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