RSA Conference 2009: News, video and podcast updates

Cloud computing, virtualization and the tech economy will be among the top themes at one of the information security industry's premiere annual events, RSA Conference 2009. Get all the news and multimedia coverage here.

RSA Conference 2009

Cloud computing, virtualization and the tech economy will be among the top themes at one of the information security industry's premiere annual events, RSA Conference 2009. and Information Security magazine editors are in San Francisco to bring you the biggest news stories, interviews and rumors, as well as videos, podcasts and more.

Operational risks could mire virtualization deployment, panel says
Future virtualization platforms and features could cause confusion when managing who owns virtual machines within an organization and how network traffic can be monitored.

RSA 2009 Video: Who should be in charge of cybersecurity?
Security experts Bruce Schneier and Marcus Ranum debate how the federal government should handle cybersecurity initiatives.

RSA 2009 Video: Assessing cloud computing risks
Security experts Bruce Schneier and Marcus Ranum debate the kinds of risks associated with cloud computing and whether they should be absorbed by the customer.

RSA 2009 Video: Who should secure virtual IT environments?
Security blogger Chris Hoff and Citrix CTO Simon Crosby discuss whether security companies or virtualization vendors should be responsible for the security of virtual environments.

RSA 2009 Video: Federal efforts to secure cyberinfrastrucure
Former White House senior advisor Paul Kurtz and James Lewis, director of technology policy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies talk about the state of cybersecurity readiness at the federal level.

Security Newsmakers: RSA cryptographer Ari Juels on RFID, encryption's Neil Roiter interviews well known cryptographer Ari Juels about RFID security, cloud storage innovations and his new novel.

Security Wire Weekly Special Edition: Kaspersky sees Internet IDs ahead
Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky predicts that one day people will need an ID card to access the Internet. In this wide ranging interview at the 2009 RSA Conference, Kaspersky talks about the Conficker worm, attacker sophistication and tracking cybercriminals.

Security Wire Weekly Special Edition: AJAX platform injects security
Kyle Adams and Al Huizenga of new startup Mykonos talk about their new platform that injects security into the software development lifecycle for AJAX applications. Also, security expert David Mortman on cloud computing.

Security Wire Weekly: PCI Council readying new virtualization requirements
In an interview at the 2009 RSA Conference, Troy Leach, technical director of the PCI Security Standards Council said the organization is exploring ways to address the security challenges with virtualization and cloud computing. He said new requirements are likely.

RSA Conference preview: Google makes its case for defending the cloud
In this edition of the Security Newsmakers podcast, Eric Feignebaum, director of security for Google Apps, asserts cloud computing can be as secure as or even more secure than traditional corporate security. Feigenbaum will participate in a panel at the 2009 RSA Conference, "Cloud computing – secure enough for primetime today?"

Security Wire Weekly: Budget issues to dominate 2009 RSA Conference
Shrinking budgets, application security, virtualization and encryption could dominate the event, the industry analysts said. In a press conference, Andreas Antonopoulos of Nemertes Research, Charles Kolodgy of IDC and Chenxi Wang of Forrester Research talk about the major trends that could resonate at the 2009 RSA Conference.

RSA researcher Ari Juels: RFID tags may be easily hacked caught up with Dr. Ari Juels and asked the well-known cryptographer about RFID security, cloud storage innovations and his new novel.

Virtualization experts debate security of thin, robust hypervisors
Experts and vendors make the case for the security attributes of thin and robust hypervisors, but rapid changes in virtualization technology could further complicate the virtualization security debate.

Midmarket security managers must push risk acceptance to the business
Experts at the 2009 RSA Conference say midmarket security managers must work with business leaders to define acceptable risk, and transfer risk prioritization to them when appropriate.

White House cybersecurity advisor calls for public-private cooperation
Melissa Hathaway delivered precious few details about her 60-day review of the country's cybersecurity policies and structures during her RSA Conference keynote.

Compliance drives opportunities for security integrators
At the 2009 RSA Conference, new regulations and initiatives such as NERC, HITRUST and CNCI could signal some opportunities in healthcare and energy verticals.

LogLogic-Exaprotect deal reflects SIEM-log management bond
Security Bytes blog
The partnership, announced Wednesday at RSA Conference 2009, reveals that today's log management and SIM/SEM/SIEM technologies suit each other quite well.

Advocacy group looks to foster trust in foreign service providers
A formal agreement with two Indian technology organizations expands the reach of the BITS program, with the goal of fostering trust in the security controls of international service providers.

Secure software development starts before coding begins
Source code and binary analysis tools both play a role in secure software development, but experts say careful planning, better education and a lot of hard work are even more important.

Cloud computing security group releases report outlining trouble areas
The non-profit Cloud Security Alliance says its comprehensive report serves as the starting point for a broader discussion on cloud computing security issues.

SIEM: Not for small business, nor the faint of heart
Technologists say security information and event management success depends not on the product, but on the risk and information management program implemented with it. Also, small businesses lack the resources to get much value from SIEM systems.

Observable activities are best security metric, panel says
At the RSA Conference, an expert panel covered the need for reliable security metrics and how to reach that goal by measuring observable activities, rather than trying to measure the effectiveness of a program.

Government needs a plan to limit Web usage during a security crisis
A panel of government officials says the Net neutrality debate will heat up as cybersecurity becomes a bigger priority at the federal level.

Symantec CEO preaches new security model
In his first RSA Conference keynote as Symantec Corp.'s CEO, Enrique Salem made the case for an integrated approach to information security that automates manual processes and provides a better view of security across the enterprise environment.

Infected bank computers part of massive botnet, Finjan says
Finjan researchers discovered a botnet of 1.9 million compromised computers at banks, government agencies and other organizations.

NSA does not want to run cybersecurity, director says
Instead, Lt. General Keith B. Alexander pushed for a collaborative effort among the intelligence communities, government and private industry to secure cyberspace.

Cryptographers say cloud computing can be secured
While securing data in the cloud will remain an issue in the near term, researchers will develop ways to better protect data in the cloud.

Opinion: Gartner gets NAC wrong, again
While securing data in the cloud will remain an issue in the near term, researchers will develop ways to better protect data in the cloud, say a panel of cryptographers at the 2009 RSA Conference.

VMware releases long-awaited VMsafe security API
With the release, third-party security vendors can now apply security within the VMware hypervisor to safeguard virtual machines at the host level.

Symantec acquires Mi5 Networks, bolsters Web security
Mi5's technology gives Symantec URL and malware filtering as well as control of unmanaged applications, such as instant messaging and VoIP programs.

Mimic the IBM approach to security at RSA
Columnist Eric Ogren says IBM's announcements at the 2009 RSA Conference should remind security pros that security should be built into business initiatives rather than layered on as an afterthought.

Cloud, virtualization servers pose challenges for PCI compliance
A special interest group and an emerging technologies study could help the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council address compliance when payment data is in the cloud.

Google to defend the cloud at RSA Conference
Eran Feigenbaum, director of security for Google Apps, is participating in a panel at the 2009 RSA Conference called, "Cloud computing: secure enough for primetime today?"

Security budget issues to resonate at RSA Conference
Increasing pressure to cut costs coupled with new compliance demands could have CISOs looking for answers at the 2009 RSA Conference.

RSA panel to discuss surveillance, privacy concerns
Security expert Gary McGraw will moderate a panel discussion on the privacy issues raised when the government conducts surveillance of known terrorist groups.

RSA Conference 2008: Special news coverage
For a look back at last year's event, check out news, features and podcasts from's special coverage of RSA Conference 2008.
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