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A round up of our security checklists.

Our security checklists were created to provide you with quick and easy solutions to everyday challenges. Send us an e-mail and let us know what other checklists would be helpful to you.

Windows IIS server hardening checklist

Find out how to secure accounts, registry, virtual directories, script mappings and more with this webcast companion piece from Lesson 1 of's Web Security School. To view the webcast, "Insider's guide to Web server security," click here.

Essential fortification checklist

Get defense tactics for securing an IIS Web server against Web attacks with this checklist from Lesson 2 of's Web Security School. For the full course, click here. To view the webcast, "Web attacks: How they work and how to defeat them," click here.

Spyware removal checklist

Learn how to clean an infected system with this companion piece from Lesson 3 of's Web Security School. To view the webcast, "Locking down your Web applications," click here.

Developer's active content delivery checklist

Here are some rules your Web developers should follow when creating dynamic content for your IIS server. This checklist is a webcast companion piece from Lesson 3 of's Web Security School. To view the webcast, "Locking down your Web applications," click here.

How to avoid phishing hooks: A checklist for your end users

Teach users how to avoid phishing schemes with these basic recommendations.

Quick policy checklist

This is a quick list you can run through with your existing or new policy to help make sure you're on the right track.

Checklist for meeting the PCI Data Security Standard

Complying with the PCI Security Standard ensures that your organization can continue to do business with the PCI. Here's a quick round up of ways to ensure compliance.

Checklist: Lock down PCs, workgroups and AD domains

These two mini-checklists will help you take the "optional" out of security for different Windows assets.

This was last published in September 2005

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