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From cloud security and data protection to identity and access management and messaging security -- SearchSecurity has you covered.

CISSP Certification Essentials

Our exclusive CISSP Essentials trainings feature expert content from exam trainer Logical Security and (ISC)2, global information security educator and certification leader. In the following domains explore the fundamental concepts, technologies and practices of information systems security. Each lesson corresponds to a subject domain in the exam's "Common Body of Knowledge" -- the essential elements each CISSP-certified practitioner must know.

Domain 1: Governance, risk management and compliance
Learn tips and strategies for addressing governance, risk management and compliance covered in the CISSP exam.

Domain 2: Data encryption methods
Learn about data encryption methods and what it means to practice good data management.  

Domain 3: Security systems engineering
From security architectures to cryptanalysis to abstraction techniques, this Security School provides an overview of security systems engineering topics tested in Domain 3.

Domain 4: Network security
Learn about network security fundamentals like segmentation and secure routing in this study guide for Domain 4 of the CISSP exam.

Domain 5: Identity and access management
From cloud IAM to physical access control, this study guide will help you review key concepts from Domain 5 of the CISSP exam.

Domain 6: Security assessment and testing
This domain help you expand your knowledge of tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities and possible attack surfaces.

Domain 7: Preventing data breaches
Learn about the various tools and best practices for building up your defenses, detecting suspicious behavior and responding to malicious activity.

Domain 8: Secure software development
Learn the basic principles behind securely designing, testing and building enterprise applications.

Integration of Networking and Security School

In these lessons, SearchSecurity and SearchNetworking offer you an in-depth look at how security-related and networking-related teams, products and processes are affecting enterprise network security.

Behavioral analytics and security go hand in hand
This Security School explains how behavioral analytics works to enhance security in today's businesses.
Featuring Johna Till Johnson, CEO and founder of Nemertes Research

Securing IoT in the enterprise
This Security School offers advice on securing IoT devices, to help infosec pros ensure the connected devices that end users deploy do no harm to enterprise network.
Featuring Dan Sullivan

Network perimeter security
Learn about the pressures transforming the enterprise network perimeter and how to adapt your strategy for network perimeter security.
Featuring Johna Till Johnson, CEO and founder of Nemertes Research

Game-changing enterprise authentication technologies and standards
Learn about next-generation authentication methods and technologies, and how emerging new standards can enable more secure enterprise authentication.
Featuring Mike Cobb

Knock advanced malware out cold with network anomaly detection
The ability to detect network anomalies is now essential in the battle against advanced malware. In this Security School, expert Peter Sullivan explains why, and how to go about employing anomaly-detecting tools.

Security analytics: The key to reliable security data, effective action
Learn how to develop a customized security analytics program that delivers insightful, actionable information.
Featuring Josh Sokol, CISSP

Next-generation firewalls: Must-have NGFW features
Explore best practices for making a next-generation firewall evaluation.
Featuring Joel Snyder, senior partner, Opus One

Managing BYOD endpoint security
Get help developing an over-arching security strategy to combat mobile security woes.
Featuring Craig Mathias, principal, Farpoint Group

Endpoint security controls: Moving beyond antivirus 
Learn which security controls are critical to ensuring successful threat protection.
Featuring Mike Rothman, president, Securosis

This was last published in June 2020

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