VPNs and remote access quiz

Take this five-question quiz to see how much you've learned about VPNs and remote access.

1. Which of the following VPN solutions is suitable for use by business travelers that need to reach VoIP services inside a corporate network?
  1. PPTP
  2. IPsec
  3. SSL VPN Web proxy
  4. SSL VPN port forwarder
  5. Either b or d
2. Compromised hosts can use VPN tunnels to attack your network or gain unauthorized access. What steps can help you mitigate this risk?
  1. NAC
  2. NAP
  3. TNC
  4. Granular policies
  5. All of the above
3. True or False: Any IPsec VPN can safely authenticate remote users by password.
  1. True
  2. False
4. Some remote access VPN users are complaining to your help desk about tunnels that break frequently, requiring re-authentication. What is probably the culprit?
  1. Network Address Translation
  2. Network roaming
  3. Application translation errors
  4. Endpoint quarantine
5. Which of these steps is always required to deploy an SSL VPN?
  1. Mapping public URLs to private URLs
  2. Developing plug-ins to translate non-Web applications
  3. Mapping users/groups, resources and access rules
  4. Interfacing your VPN Gateway with Active Directory

If you got 2 or more wrong, revisit these materials in the VPNs and remote access lesson:

  • Webcast: Guarding the gate: VPN deployment strategies
  • Technical article: Understanding IPsec identity and authentication options
  • Podcast: The road ahead: Emerging VPN trends
  • If you got 4 or more correct, return to Identity and Access Management Security School and take another lesson.

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