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WatchGuard UTM appliances: Product overview

Expert Ed Tittel examines WatchGuard UTM appliances that bundle different kinds of network infrastructure protection into a single device for small, midsize and large businesses.

WatchGuard Technologies provides UTM products, as well as next-generation firewalls, wireless access points with security modules, and a variety of virtual solutions. WatchGuard is a Gartner market leader for UTM, along with Fortinet, Check Point, Dell and Sophos.

Product specs and performance

There are more than 30 WatchGuard unified threat management (UTM) appliances aimed at organizations across the market spectrum, from home offices to large enterprises.

  • At the entry level, there are three appliances/series: the WatchGuard Firebox T10, XTM 2 Series and XTM 3 Series. The Firebox T10 is geared toward small office/home office environments. The XTM 2 and XTM 3 are designed for small offices -- including branch and remote -- retail locations and wireless hotspots.
  • Midrange WatchGuard UTM appliances, ideal for midsize to large organizations, include the XTM 5 Series, XTM 8 Series and the XTM 800 Series, as well as the Firebox M Series.
  • At the high end are several appliances for the enterprise: the XTM 1050, XTM 1500 Series, XTM 2050 and XTM 2520.

The following table lists the number and type of interfaces, firewall and VPN throughput, and maximum number of users per appliance.

UTM appliances

WatchGuard also offers four XTM virtual appliances for small, medium and large offices, and a model designed for data centers. These virtual appliances include a firewall, application proxies, intrusion prevention, Voice over Internet Protocol and security subscriptions for application control, antivirus and so on -- see the Product features section below.

Product features

Each appliance supports a standard set of software security modules: packet filtering, intrusion prevention service, application control, WebBlocker -- content and URL filtering -- gateway antivirus, spam blocker and reputation-enabled defense. Customers can also get data loss prevention and advanced persistent threat blocker modules, which are optional.

Pricing and licensing

List prices for a sampling of WatchGuard UTM appliances are shown in the following table.

Product list price

In addition, WatchGuard sells subscriptions for the security software modules for UTM appliances, either individually or as a suite. For example, a one-year subscription for the standard security suite costs $170 for the Firebox T10 and $24,995 for the XTM 870-F. Bundles are also available, in which the appliance and security suite can be purchased at a cost savings.


Every WatchGuard UTM appliance includes a 90-day LiveSecurity subscription, which includes software updates, alerts and hardware replacement, among other services. Customers can purchase a subscription to Standard, Plus (24/7), Gold or Premium for ongoing support.

Support subscriptions are based on one- and three-year terms, and vary by UTM appliance. For example, the list price for a one-year subscription to WatchGuard LiveSecurity with 24/7 support for the Firebox T10 is $55, but jumps to $4,445 for the XTM 870-F.

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This was last published in January 2016

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