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At Your Service: Atlas Vigilar

Vigilar's Atlas



Price: $300,000 to $500,000 for 100-150 NOC/SOC devices

The burden on network and security operating center (NOC and SOC) managers grows larger and more complex as they're responsible for managing and maintaining more devices and applications, collecting and analyzing logs for internal operations and regulatory compliance.

That doesn't necessarily mean there's a lot of extra help dealing with the workload or applying new skills and expertise. Vigilar decided this was fertile ground for a new package of managed services.

Hence ATLAS--taking the burden of the world on their shoulders, get it?--a collection of five new services: asset and license management, technical support, log management, authentication management and systems maintenance.

"Internal audit groups are checking on compliance for FFIEC, PCI and SOX. You have a lot of fatigue around buying security appliances and maintenance requirements," says CEO Jim Fox. "You have 30 distinct technologies and the same six people who managed [them] before. How the heck are you going to do that?"

Vigilar developed almost all the technology internally, preferring to market one services package built from the ground up, rather than try to integrate and maintain a set of third-party technologies.

The service provider says that large enterprises, with compliance pressure and diverse environments and technologies, are a prime target market. While some customers have contracted for the entire five-service suite, asset management, system maintenance and log management are drawing most of the early attention.

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