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Best Remote Access Products 2009

Readers vote on the best remote access products, including IPsec VPN, SSL VPN, and combined systems and products, as well as other remote access products and services.

Cisco Systems VPN Concentrator Series
Cisco Systems

Readers rated authentication support, integration and compatibility with existing platforms/applications and vendor service and support highest in the category. This product delivers application access, endpoint security, data integrity protection, infrastructure access, and network compliance validation controls. It is available in nonredundant and redundant configurations, allowing customers to customize their builds.

SA Series SSL VPN Appliances
Juniper Networks

Readers like Juniper's authentication support, end-user transparency/ease of use and vendor service/support. The product family includes models sized for the needs of small businesses with limited IT experience to high-capacity products for large enterprises requiring the utmost authentication, authorization, and auditing (AAA) capabilities for employee, partner (extranet) and customer access.

Citrix Access Gateway
Citrix Systems

Readers valued the extensibility, authentication support, and end-user transparency/ease of use of Citrix Access Gateway. The product is a secure application access solution that provides administrators granular application-level control while empowering users with remote access from anywhere. SmartAccess technology allows administrators to manage access control and set policies of acceptable actions based on user identity and the endpoint device.

"Five years ago, remote access began to shift towards web-based "clientless" VPNs. Today, that evolution has come full-circle, with contemporary platforms offering a range of customizable secure access methods, from "anywhere" web access to rich install-on-demand SSL VPN clients. New innovations focus more extensively on the data center and reducing TCO through streamlined, unified management tools and cloud-based Software-as-a-Service delivery models." -- Lisa Phifer, president, Core Competence


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This was last published in September 2009

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