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Best Web Security Gateway Products 2009

Readers vote on the best Web security gateway products, including software and hardware, hosted Web services for inbound and outbound content filtering for malware activity detection/prevention, static and dynamic URL filtering and application control (IM, P2P, etc.)

McAfee Web Gateway

McAfee Web Gateway is designed to protect against Web-borne threats by eliminating unwanted Web access and detecting and blocking malicious programs with an easy-to-use browser-based management system. Garnering the gold, the product earned high marks for its threat detection capabilities, which uses McAfee's antispam technology and scan engine to block spyware and clean viruses. Also favorable among readers is the product's comprehensive reporting system and vendor support features.

Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Appliance
Trend Micro

Trend Micro's InterScan Web Security Appliance boosts Internet gateway defense
with a combination of antivirus, antispyware and cloud-based Web reputation features. This advanced edition analyzes ActiveX and Java applets and filters URLs to mitigate threats. Easy installation, configuration and administration of the product, as well as its detection capabilities of both know and unknown threats earned the product a silver medal among consumers.

Websense Web Security

Websense Web Security, provides extensive, multilayered protection from Web-based threats with a combination of Websense Web Protection Services and ThreatSeeker Network to guard websites and servers and continually scan the Internet for emerging threats. The product has comprehensive reporting capabilities, detailed policy creation and enforcement features and impressive threat detection capabilities, according to consumers, who touted it as a bronze medal winner.

"The trend is definitely towards multifunction one-box appliances as everyone is looking to save power and space, as well as reducing the need for administrators experienced with a range of different vendors' products. There are so now many threat vectors and Internet-based communication channels that being able to manage policy settings and generate reports from one device makes life simpler for security teams. The clients I talk to are interested in Data Leakage Prevention functionality as sensitive data-in-motion has become a big concern with the growth of social networking sites. Real-time reporting of potential policy abuse is being used to deliver direct warnings to culprits so users are aware that policies are being enforced." -- Mike Cobb, managing director, Cobweb Applications


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