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Best Wireless Security Products

Readers vote on the best wireless security products, including wireless firewalls and UTM devices, wireless access control products, WLAN intrusion and detection systems, and security-enabled wireless infrastructure products

Cisco Wireless Security Suite
Cisco Systems

Cisco's Wireless Security Suite won a tight completion for its capabilities, which include intrusion detection, an integrated authentication framework and scalable centralized security management. WPA and WPA2 security is supported for authentication and data encryption. The suite was well regarded by all criteria, but readers gave their highest marks for its access control and scalability.

SonicWALL Distributed Wireless Solution

SonicWALL's Distributed Wireless Solution, embodied in its SonicPoint Secure Wireless Series and TZ Wireless-N UTM appliances narrowly missed the gold award. Reflecting a SonicWALL strength, readers gave outstanding marks to the products for their ease of installation, configuration and administration, and also valued their integration with wired security systems and vendor service and support.

Check Point UTM-1 Edge W
Check Point Software Technologies

UTM-1 Edge W appliances integrate a WiFi access-point (802.11b/g) supporting multiple security protocols, including 802.1x, IPSec over WLAN, RADIUS, WEP, WPA and WPA2 authentication to provide unified threat management protection for remote and branch offices. Readers gave it solid ratings across the board, with access control and integration with wired security systems earning its best marks.

"It's been increasingly difficult for wireless LAN vendors to differentiate based on security, because if you achieve standards-based security, what more do you need? That might be a little shortsighted, because there are a lot of other security concerns when you start to field converged networks and start to look at dual mode devices entering the network." -- Michael King, Principal Analyst, Gartner


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