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Blow Out the Candles

Information Security magazine turns 10 years old, maturing right alongside the security industry.

Turning 10 is a landmark occasion, a day when you hit double figures, inch toward adolescence and start to leave immaturity behind.

Your experiences and observations of life are just beginning. For a magazine, especially a technology publication, 10 years is a lifetime. Information Security has grown up right alongside the security industry, watching it mature from a niche segment of information technology, to, in many cases, one that has earned a seat on the board of directors. That was unthinkable in 1997 when Web site defacement was the scourge of the day, and compliance, spyware and Windows worms were unheard of.

We hope our 10th anniversary issue is a keeper for you, a neat capsule of the past 10 years as seen through the eyes of those who made the information security industry what it is today. Not only will you relive the past 10 years, but we've profiled the landmark events, technology and people who've shaped the industry. We've also asked some of today's brightest minds to take an educated guess at what lies ahead.


Do you remember that cold January Saturday in 2003? You know the day when your pager was buzzing, probably in the middle of the night, alerting you to something serious.

That something turned out to be the Slammer worm, and it ran roughshod over the Internet. Chances are, if your company was running SQL Server, you were down and you were in deep patching systems and getting your business back online. That's just one landmark event we cover in the coming pages. As you start to read our 10th anniversary section, refer back often to the chronology of events (PDF & below), which represents some significant events that occurred during the past 10 years in information security.

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